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Décembre 2017 / NHK

Fukushima : Decontamination work begins in no-entry zone

Source : NHK


Decontamination work begins in no-entry zone

Decontamination and demolition of houses has begun in an area affected by the 2011 nuclear accident in Fukushima Prefecture.

The area in Futaba Town is designated as a post-disaster reconstruction hub inside the "no-entry" zone set up due to high radiation levels.

The Environment Ministry plans to administer the project, which will cover a 555-hectare area within the town.

Town Mayor Shiro Izawa spoke to the workers at the start of the operation on Monday.

He asked them to keep in mind that residents are looking forward to returning to the town as early as possible.

The first phase will continue until July next year and cover an area of about 7 hectares.

Workers will initially do weeding along roads near a railway station and around public facilities. They will then remove contaminated top soil, and demolish about 55 houses and public buildings.


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