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Etats-Unis : Indian Point : le réservoir de stockage des condensats découvert hors d’usage

30 juin 2017

Un trou a été découvert sur un circuit non isolable mais le réacteur est maintenu à 100 % de sa puissance. Le circuit devra cependant est réparé sous huit jours.

 Type : PWR - Puissance : 3 216 MWth- Première divergence : 1 / 04 / 1976 -

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Event Number : 52836

Facility : INDIAN POINT - State : NY

Unit : [3] - RX Type : [3] W-4-LP

Event Date : 06/30/2017 - Event Time : 01:30 [EDT]

Emergency Class : NON EMERGENCY
10 CFR Section :
50.72(b)(3)(v)(B) - POT RHR INOP

Initial PWR  : 100 %
Current PWR  : 100 %

Event Text


"On June 30, 2017 at time 0130 [EDT], the Condensate Storage Tank (CST) was declared inoperable per Technical Specification 3.7.6. A pin hole sized through wall leak was discovered on the downstream side of CD-123, 32 Auxiliary Boiler Feed Pump Bearing Cooling Relief Valve, which is unisolable to the CST. No type of Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) can be used to effectively characterize the defect. Based on the inability to characterize the defect and the fact that the degradation mechanism is not readily apparent, the valve is considered inoperable because the valve has lost its ability to maintain a pressure boundary. As a result, the CST is inoperable. Currently, the CST has 580,000 gallons of water contained in the tank, which is well above the minimum required amount of 360,000 gallons. City water is the backup means to supply water to the Auxiliary Feedwater System, and this has been verified to be operable in accordance with the Actions of the Technical Specification. The CST must be restored to operable status within 7 days.

"The CST provides cooling water to remove decay heat and the minimum amount of water in the Condensate Storage Tank is the amount needed to maintain the plant for 24 hours at hot shutdown following a trip from full power. The CST satisfies Criteria 2 and 3 of 10 CFR 50.36.

"This event was determined to be reportable as a Loss of Safety Function pursuant to 10 CFR 50.72(b)(3)(v)(B)."

The licensee will notify the NRC Resident Inspector and the State of New York.