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Petition : After Africa, Areva is targeting the land of the Inuit : I say NO !

33369 persons have signed the petition !

I oppose the devastation of Nunavut by uranium mining !
I support the Inuit in their resistance against Areva !

Radioactive dust spread over kilometres, contaminated water, the Tuareg’s former pastureland destroyed… The damage caused by Areva’s uranium mines in Niger is enormous. But do you know that after having polluted Africa, Areva now has its eye on Northern Canada ? The Canadian Arctic, its caribou, its aurora borealis… and its uranium mines ?

Areva wants to set up a number of uranium mines near Baker Lake, a small town in Nunavut, the Canadian Arctic territory inhabited by Inuit. This mining project threatens an ecosystem which has already been weakened by climate change, as well as the Inuit way of life. Soil and water pollution, devastated hunting zones, contamination : this is what awaits the people if Areva’s projects are not stopped. Don’t let Areva wreck the land of the Inuit !

Areva tries to buy people’s consent with expensive gifts and promises of jobs… but it conceals the impacts of uranium mining on health and the environment. These manipulations make it difficult for the Inuit to resist the project. Let’s support Makita as it tells people the truth !