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Mars 2018 / NucNet

IAEA Releases Latest Edition Of Country Nuclear Power Profiles


15 Mar (NucNet) : The International Nuclear Energy Agency has released its annual edition of the Country Nuclear Power Profiles (CNPP), documenting the status and development of nuclear power programmes worldwide as of the end of 2017.

The publication summarises organisational and industrial aspects of nuclear power programmes, including information about relevant legislative, regulatory and international framework, in 50 countries, including 30 that are operating nuclear power plants, and 20 with past or planned nuclear power programmes.

It says nuclear power provides about 11% of the world’s electricity, with 12 countries using nuclear power for at least 30% of their national electricity generation. There are 449 operational nuclear power reactors in 30 countries, with 56 others under construction in 15 countries.

Two newcomers are planning to start operating their first nuclear power reactors in 2018 : Belarus and the United Arab Emirates.

Details online : https://bit.ly/2HAFz74



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