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The Climate-Nuclear Nexus - Exploring the linkages between climate change and nuclear threats

World Future Council - Jürgen Scheffran, with contributions by John Burroughs, Anna Leidreiter, Rob Van Riet

"climate change and the continued existence of nuclear weapons stand out as the two principal threats to the survival of humanity. On the long arc of human existence, both threats are relatively new to the scene, having only appeared over the last century. Both threaten the survival of life on earth as we know it and both are of our making. […] This updated report considers how both threats can have grave implications for global and human security and how they may interact with each other, thereby exacerbating other crises. It further examines the possible effects of nuclear explosions on the climate, as well as the consequences of climate change and extreme weather events on nuclear security. The report also exposes the pitfalls of including nuclear energy as an alternative to fossil fuels to curb climate change, and the nuclear weapon-proliferation risks of nuclear energy programmes. Finally, it reviews mechanisms and initiatives to neutralise both threats and considers how success in one area could benefit action in the other."

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