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Juillet 2016 / Reuters

French regulator suspends test certificate at EDF’s nuclear reactor

PARIS, July 19 (Reuters) - French nuclear sector regulator ASN said on Tuesday it had suspended the test certificate for a steam generator at EDF's 900-megawatt-Fessenheim 2 reactor over irregularities revealed by a quality audit.

ASN launched an investigation after the audit by Areva at its Le Creusot site showed irregularities in the manufacturing tracking records of equipment for nuclear power plants.

"The suspension follows the discovery of irregularities in the manufacture by Creusot Forge Areva," ASN said in a statement, adding that it had been informed by EDF that power production at the reactor was halted on June 13 and is due to restart on Aug.29.

Areva said in a separate statement that it had taken note of ASN's decision and that technical analyses conducted have so far concluded that the irregularities did not affect operational safety. (Reporting by Bate Felix, editing by Astrid Wendlandt)


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