Nucléaire ou transition énergétique, il faut choisir !
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Network phasing out the nuclear age

An alliance of 932 French organisations
and 60 342 individuals


The Network "SORTIR DU NUCLEAIRE" is currently the main French antinuclear coalition, with a membership of almost 930 organizations and 60 000 individual subscribers.
It is completely independent, entirely funded by donations and the subscriptions from its members.

Since 1997, almost 930 organizations have joined our Network "Sortir du nucléaire".

Our mission is to unite everyone concerned with phasing out nuclear power.
Only by combining our efforts can we build up enough strength to achieve concrete results.

Our goal is to convince France to phase out nuclear power generation by :

  • rethinking its energy policy
  • improving the efficiency of electricity use
  • developing alternative and sustainable generation scenarios.


The Network "Sortir du nucléaire" :

  • supports actions for phasing out nuclear power, whether local, national or international,
  • launches petition and information campaigns,
  • is a resource center for nuclear power and sustainable alternatives : information, documents, access to experts and lecturers,
  • informs the public about the dangers of nuclear power and solutions for phasing it out thanks to its website, its quarterly magazine "Sortir du nucléaire" and the publication of thematic documents aimed at the general public,
  • has a PR policy and close contact with the media for nuclear-related issues,
  • aims to inform elected representatives, local decision-makers, trade-unions, associations about all nuclear related issues.


Why phase out nuclear power ?

  • A nuclear accident provokes countless victims and leaves vast tracts of land uninhabitable for thousands of years. Is such risk morally permissible ?
  • There exists no possibility of rendering nuclear waste harmless. It remains a hazard for tens of thousands of years and more.
  • The real cost of nuclear power is very high if all the expenses are honestly taken into account : public scientific research, decommissioning of nuclear power facilities, endless management of nuclear waste etc. Part of the radioactive material produced in nuclear reactors has the potential and is used for hostile military use and for atomic bombs.
  • It may be that nuclear power contributes only small amount of greenhouse gases, but its waste contaminates the earth for millions of years. There is no choosing the lesser of two evils. The goal of a responsible, sustainable energy policy should be : no to nuclear, no to greenhouse gases.
  • The large component of nuclear energy in French power generation is an exception : we are the only country in the world to make such a confident bet on nuclear power. Neighbouring countries such as Italy, Germany, Belgium have already chosen to phase out nuclear power. Therefore it is also possible to do so in France.


How can we phase out nuclear power ?

Nuclear generation is not the only way to produce electricity.
Firstly, a sustainable transition period should rely on clean coal-fired or gas-powered plants, industrial cogeneration, fuel cells with an emphasis on the least polluting and most efficient options. Then, the potential of clean and job-creating renewable energy options should be intensively developed. Solar, hydro and wind opportunities are sustainable and permit genuine self sufficiency.
These are tomorrow´s reliable safe energy options which must be implemented straight away. Nuclear power currently monopolizes more than 90% of public research funding.
Why invest so much in such problematic dangerous energy ?
Research budgets must be rethought to benefit alternative technologies and enhance their efficiency and competitiveness. Only in this way will they be able to fully play their role in the foreseeable future.


Do we really need to use so much electricity to live comfortably ?

There are many ways of consuming less energy. According to a European study, electricity bills can be cut by half without giving up our comfort - just by using energy-efficient appliances and eliminating hidden consumption (for example, switching off unnecessary standby appliances). Using energy-saving building techniques will also contributes.
But we must look further : if we wish for a fair, sustainable and peaceful world, it is high time we realized how precious energy is. Our future depends on choosing more energy-friendly and socially benign lifestyles which do not waste resources that belong to our future generations.


Everywhere, in France and all over the World, organizations and people get mobilized for a nuclear-free future. Since 1997, 932 organizations have joined our Network "Sortir du nucléaire".

  • Get informed ! The Network offers a daily updated Internet site, a quarterly magazine and widely distributed documents (all in French for now) about nuclear power and alternative energy options. You can help by passing on this information.
  • You can support our network as an individual by signing our Charter.
  • 33 "foreign organizations" are members of our network, join the one closest to where you live.
  • Your organization can become a member of our Network, simply signing our Charter (click here to sign). You may want to contact us to propose mutual cooperation for an international campaign or other exchanges.
  • Last but not least, don´t forget the Network "Sortir du nucléaire" owes its independence to donations and the subscriptions from its members. Your contribution will help further our actions and the spreading of our information.


International contact :

Charlotte Mijeon : charlotte.mijeon

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