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Etats-Unis : Hatch : Fuite d’hypochlorite de sodium dans l’environnement

23 juillet 2015

Ce sont entre 300 et 380 litres d’hypochlorite de sodium à 12,5 % qui se sont répandus dans l’environnement suite à une rupture de conduite. Il n’y aurait pas eu de javel rejetée dans la rivière Altamaha. Du bisulfite de sodium a été utilisé pour neutraliser l’eau de javel.

Type : Fukushima 1 (BWR Mark 1) - Puissance : 2 804 MWth - Première divergence : n° 1 : 09/1974 ; n°2 : 07/1978

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Event Number : 51256

Facility : HATCH - State : GA

Unit : [1] [2] - RX Type : [1] GE-4,[2] GE-4

Event Date : 07/23/2015 - Event Time : 13:05

Emergency Class : NON EMERGENCY 10 CFR Section : 50.72(b)(2)(xi) - OFFSITE NOTIFICATION

Initial PWR Current PWR

1 N Y 100 Power Operation 100 Power Operation 2 N Y 100 Power Operation 100 Power Operation

Event Text


"At 1120 EDT on 07/23/2015, while performing Chemistry rounds, a Chemistry Technician discovered an underground leak near the Plant Service Water bleach moat. The Plant Service Water bleach injection pumps were secured at 1130 EDT on 07/23/2015. The leak was later confirmed to be bleach. Approximately 200-300 gallons of 12.5% sodium hypochlorite are estimated to have leaked out of a broken underground pipe. This amount exceeded the reportable limit [100 lbs. or 80 gallons] as specified by the National Response Center. The bleach leaked into the surrounding soil and into a Plant Hatch storm drain where it pooled before reaching the Altamaha river. No bleach discharged into the river.

"Cleanup began immediately by neutralizing the bleach with sodium bisulfite and is still on-going.

"Plant Management authorized Southern Nuclear Company Environmental Affairs to report to the US Coast Guard National Response Center at 1305 EDT on 07/23/2015 in accordance with corporate procedures. The event was reported to the National Response Center at 1316 EDT. The Georgia Environmental Protection Division was also contacted.

"This event is reportable under 10 CFR 50.72(b)(2)(xi) as an event or situation related to the protection of the environment for which a notification to other government agencies have been made.

"NRC Resident Inspector was notified at 1530 at 07/23/2015.

"CR [Condition Report] 10099779"