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Décembre 2017 / County Gazette

UK : Power plant protestors say they have ’been stuffed’ and take cold turkey to Hinkley Point


Power plant protestors say they have ‘been stuffed’ and take cold turkey to Hinkley Points

PROTESTORS used a cold turkey to poke fun at EDF after it allegedly claimed Hinkley C power would be cooking Christmas dinners this year.

Stop Hinkley members claim they have been stuffed and turned up at the site to remind the energy giant of its claim in 2007.

Group members were on site for the peaceful protest today, with one placard saying : “It’s 2017, EDeF ! Where’s the lecce for the HPC turkey ?!

Somerset County Gazette:

Spokesman Allan Jeffery said : “We have waited 10 years and now there is another 10 year wait even if they ever manage to finish building it successfully.

“The design has been a construction disaster, recognised by the national press. By now the electricity demand could have been met by energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, which could be built cheaper and more quickly.”

Mr Jeffery said the protest was light-hearted, lasted for around half-an-hour and police were informed it was likely to take place.

He added : “They are saying it is not going to be finished until 2025 and it’s more likely to be 2027 so this was just a bit of fun to look at what a disastrous construction this has been.”

Stop Hinkley says on its website it is a group which is calling for the decommissioning of all nuclear reactors on the Bristol Channel and Severn Estuaries and promotes the introduction of greener technologies.

Mr Jeffery added : “The nuclear waste is the thing that is killing off nuclear power around the world. Nuclear reactors were not built to produce electricity but to make plutonium for bombs during the war.”

An EDF Energy spokesman said : "Construction is fully underway at Hinkley Point C, with over 2,500 people working at the site each day. Local companies and job-seekers are benefiting from this massive investment in the region.

“EDF Energy has also invested to safely extend the lives of its existing nuclear stations by an average of eight years providing UK customers with plenty of low carbon electricity to cook their turkeys this Christmas."

Stop Hinkley members delivered the turkey with their version of the Christmas carol ‘O Little Town of Bethlehem’.

Oh Little Town of Bridgwater :

Oh little town of Bridgwater

How sad we see thee lie

Along your ever gridlocked streets

The HGVs grind by

For EdeF's decided

Their project cannot wait

You know the score, there's hundreds more

Forever you'll be late !


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